Job opportunities

We currently have ONE positions available in the FACESYNTAX lab:

Postdoctoral Research – Project ‘Gesture: Modelling Virtual Humans’ with the goal to computationally model, realize, and test nonverbal social behaviors in graphics-based AI virtual human characters. Co-supervised by Prof Rachael Jack and Prof Stacy Marsella. For details contact Stacy Marsella directly.

PhD studentship – Fully funded PhD scholarship with Prof Rachael Jak and Prof Stacy Marsella “Computational modelling of culture-specific social facial signals with transference to digital agents”. For more details see, Deadline: April 14th 2022.

Summer scholarships/internships. We welcome applications and interest in summer scholarships and internships. If you’re interested in joining the lab to gain research experience, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Questions? Contact Prof. Rachael Jack at