[NEW!] Fully funded 4-year Ph.D. Position

Dr. Rachael Jack is offering a fully ERC-funded Ph.D. opportunity on the project Computing the Face Syntax of Social Communication at the Institute of Neuroscience & Psychology and School of Psychology at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

The project

This ambitious project aims to mathematically model the human face as an algebraic generator of dynamic social signals and build a psychologically and culturally valid generative model of social face signalling that is transferrable to social robots. The project will use a multidisciplinary approach that combines social and cultural psychology with dynamic 3D structural face computer graphics, vision science psychophysical methods, and mathematical psychology.

Since the project involves interdisciplinary knowledge and skills the ideal candidate would have experience of both computational (e.g., programming) and social psychology, for example via a joint degree or research experience/interests.

The Team

Primary supervisor: Dr. Rachael E. Jack

Secondary supervisor: Prof. Philippe G. Schyns

See more details and application guidelines here

Deadline for applications: May 31st 2019